A very nice address to enjoy the flavors of the Lebanon.

Cedars Libanees Restaurant. Heemstedestraat 80 – (408-3702)

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Mr. John Adams (2nd. american president) lived on Keizersgracht 529 in Amsterdam. He lived there during a period of 1781-1782. For more information on this house, please click on the following link.

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These two restaurants are both very unusual because they are both situated in former factories:

Both restaurants on the north side of the embankment of the IJ water and are in easy reach from Amsterdam city centre.

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Mooie en eenvoudige site over alle goede restaurants van Nederland! Klik hier.

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Amsterdam Historisch Museum changes the name

As from January 1st 2011, the Amsterdams Historisch Museum will be called: AMSTERDAM MUSEUM.

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New lounge-bar Lion Noir in the Reguliersdwarstraat

The owner of Jimmy Woo, Casper Reinders, will start a lounge-bar and restaurant with name LION NOIR in the old restaurant Het TuynHuys. More news will follow soon…

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Beauty is never enough

Handy to know as Les Visages is often fully booked and guests like to stay around the hotel: Amsterdam City Spa is now fully open until 22 hours nearly every day. For facials, manicure, pedicure and many other treatments.   Sarphatistraat 32/Huddestraat (around the corner from Amstel Hotel).

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Welcome to our News and Articles Blog!

Welcome to our Newsletter! This is where you will find usefull information about what’s happening in Amsterdam. Should you want to share your tips on Amsterdam about something that may be useful to us, then please send us an email using the “CONTACT” button above.

Liability exceptions!

In spite of the rigorous control we have carried out, we cannot be responsible for the content of external links. With respect to the content of these pages, their corresponding operators are the only ones responsible.

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Mazzo, the “Living Room” of the Jordaan

New “very trendy” italian restaurant opens on October, 24th for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
Mazzo is a place for everybody with an Italian twist. The perfect spot to start the day with a real Italian Expresso, have lunch or to dine with the whole family. Come in and enjoy the relaxed and warm atmosphere of Mazzo!

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Breakfast outside the Hotel seems to be more and more fashionable. We would like to recommend the following restaurants:

  • Brezel Lunchroom – Sarphatistraat 42a (mon-fri open at 07:30 and sat at 08:30) 2 minutes walking distance from Amstel Hotel
  • Italian Cafe Restaurant Barista – Spuistraat, 122 – 320 6682
  • Restaurant De Ysbreker, Weesperzijde 23, 468-1808
  • Restaurant Le Pain Quotidien, Cornelis Troostplein 2 & 4, 675-0506
  • Restaurant Vertigo, Vondelpark 3, 612-3021 (open at 10 am)
  • Restaurant Café Luxembourg, Spui 24, (7 days at week, open at 9 am) 620-6264
  • Restaurant Gartine, Taksteeg 7 (wed-sun, open at 10 am) 320-4132
  • Restaurant Merkelbach, Middenweg 72, (7 days at week, open at 8:30 am) 665-0880
  • Restaurant Witteveen, Ceintuurbaan 256, (7 days at week, open 9 am) 344-6406
  • Marqt Supermmarket (organic) – Begin van Utrechtsestraat, from 8am (No cash! CC of PIN )
  • Van Walen – Keizersgracht 449

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Amsterdam pancakes

pannekoek is thinner and larger than a pancake, thicker and larger than a crêpe. Although the batter is strictly the same in both versions, pannekoeken can be salty or sweet depending on what comes over them. The most classic recipes are ham, cheese or both. We’ll also find cheese-pineapple, cheese-ginger, bacon-cheese and many more. On the sweet side, traditional pannekoeken are apple-sugar-cinnamon, raisins-sugar, powder sugar or sugar syrup and sugar. Here again, the recipes are endless.
Although many regular restaurants serve Dutch pancakes, the ideal place to enjoy authentic pannekoeken is definitely the pannekoekenhuis (pancake house). There you will find a larger selection, sugar syrup and powder sugar on each table and the mouth-watering smell of freshly made pancakes in the air.

As kids just love pancakes, most of the pannekoeken houses serve specialchildren’s pancakes and provide a kids’ corner or coloring table mats.

Dutch people eat pannekoeken for lunch or dinner. But be aware, as the Dutch usually dine around 6pm, most of the pancake restaurants close no later than 8 or 9pm.

It’s a common thing to eat one or two sweet pancakes for dinner. As pannekoeken tend to be served in large portions, you may want to order 1 for 2 people or 2 for 3. This way you’ll be guaranteed to have enough space for a sweet taste. Besides it’s more gezellig (cosy, friendly, hearty) as the Dutch love to call it.

Depending on the restaurant and the pancake itself, the price of a pannekoek usually ranges from 5 to 10 euros.

De Carrousel (10 min walking from the hotel)  – Tweede Weteringplantsoen 1, 625-8002;

De Pancake Bakery (close to the Anne Frank House) – Prinsengracht 191, 625-1333

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Churches / Religious services

Whatever your faith, you can probably find a religious service to meet your beliefs in Amsterdam.


Services: Mon till Fri 12:30 en 17:45,
Sat 12:30,
Sun 09:30, 11:00 (latin) and 12:30.
Services: Everyday on 10:30 and on Sundays 12:15 (latin)
Services: Sundays        10:00 with dutch songs, 11:15 in french
Mon to Fri    09:00 and 17:00 – Eucharist celebration
Saturdays     09:00 – Eucharist celebration
Services: Every Sunday 11:00, in Portuguese.

For more churches and synagogues  in Amsterdam, please click HERE.

For more churches in The Netherlands, please click HERE.

THE PORTUGUESE SYNAGOGUE – JD Meijerplein 7 – 624-5351

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Since the majority of restaurant kitchen in Amsterdam are closed by 10:30pm, it’s good to keep these late-night addresses :

  • BRASSERIE BARK (seafood) – Van Baerlestraat 120, 675-0210 – till 00:30 am
  • HOLLAND CASSINO – Max Euweplein 62, 521-1111 – till 02:00 am
  • CASTILLO STEAK HOUSE – Reguliersdwarstraat 89, 620-1975 – till 11:30 pm
  • DE KNIJP – (continental) – van Baerlestraat 134, 6714248 – till 00:30 – This restaurant closes at 01:00am, so don’t expect a complete dinner if you get there at 00:30am.
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Golf Clubs

Easy to book golf courses 9 and 18 holes:

More difficult to book and often by member introduction only:

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New Museum in Amsterdam: Canal Museum

As from april 1st 2011, Amsterdam will open a new Museum called the Canal Museum. This Museum will explain everything about the history and the construction of the canals!
Het Grachtenmuseum, Herengracht 386 in Amsterdam.
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Steak Houses

Selected Steak Houses in Amsterdam:

  • Cau, Damstraat 5, 623-9632
  • Castell, Lijnbaansgracht 252, 622-8606 (open till 01:00, weekends till 02:00)
  • Red, Keizersgracht 594 (corner Speigelstraat), 320-1824 – Open till 24:00
  • Toro Dorado, Spuistraat 3 C+D, 421-8695
  • Gaucho’s, Beethovenstraat 55,  679-9133, Regulierbreestraat 18,  626-3500, Spuistraat 3e, 625-7272
  • Marquee, Utrechtsestraat 30, 330-2569
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Jazz in Amsterdam

Where you can enjoy a Jazz evening in Amsterdam:

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If you are looking for Dutch and English literature, we selected the following bookstores:

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Interesting sites about Amsterdam

We are listing here a few good sites about Amsterdam, where you can find a lot of interesting things to do.

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The hair dresser is just across the street of the Amstel Hotel, and if you need a appointment, please just contact our Concierge Desk.

  • Visagist (Les Visages) only 2 minutes walking from the hotel – 624-2441
  • Hair and body treatment (Profiles) – 627-6337 – Spuistraat 330
  • Hair, Beauty, Nails and Make-up (Cyber Salon) – 330-0662 – Gravenstraat 22
  • Manicure, Pedicure, Facials (Soap Company) – 428-9660 – Spuistraat 281
  • Manicure, Pedicure, Facials – open in sept/2010 (Zwaluwhoeve – Spa, Man/Woman) – Sarphatistraat, 32
  • Hair dresser (7 days/week open) – Rob Peetoom – Bijenkorf Last Floor
  • Spa Amsterdam Zuiver – Koenenkade 8 (Amsterdam Forest), 301-0710
  • Nagelstudio All Daring – Elandsgracht 69,  627-4986
  • Acess to Life – Slangenburg 62 – A’dam Buitenveldert, 642-1471 (06 55 375 175).
  • Sense – (open monday to friday until 10 pm) – Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 114, 427-7409
  • USA Nails (for artificial nails treatments) – Koningstraat 13, 06 4224 1919 (ma t/m wo 10-19uur en do en vrij 10-20uur)
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Travel experiences – Share yours

“My recent holiday in June 2010 to Georgia was one of the best for a long time. We stayed with friends deep in the countryside, near the town Zestafoni. In order to reach the small village, one has to travel over a 10 km country lane which surface resembles a moon landscape. The Georgian people are well known for their hospitality, but this exceeded all my expectations. We were treated like Royalties! Most houses in the village are self-supporting little farms where practically nothing needs to be bought. The water comes from the well, fruit from the trees, vegetables from the ground, fresh laid eggs, milk from the cow and so on. Every day we ate khachapuri, which is a thin round freshly baked bread with a layer of home made young cheese inside. One of the highlights was the dinner with suckling  pig and a delicious crispy skin as main course was baked in the oven of local baker (just a little sad to have seen it running around the garden in the morning). Also the daily consumption of home made wine and Eau de Vie’s which was often even drunk with breakfast (imagine! and I am not even a drinker). Early in the morning we walked to the local river and swam in its crystal clear water to the sound of crowing cockerels. This will stay in my memory for a long time as will the kind hospitality of our friends there. I look forward to my next holiday in beautiful Georgia.!”

Aad van den Berg.




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This morning (August 1st 2010) it was decided in Brazil that the Amsterdam city center ring of canals has been nominated Unesco World Heritage site. A well deserved honour for a unique and beautiful area, we should all be very proud of.

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Rent a boat

  • Looking to rent a boat in Amsterdam? This company offers a wide variety of rental boats, canal cruises and fully serviced boating packages.
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Amsterdam for children

This is a very nice article of the Lonely Planet with good recommendations about what to do with children in Amsterdam.

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Taxi’s, limo service, bus tours and bike-taxi’s.

Important links concerning transportation in Amsterdam:

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The best shopping street

The P.C. Hoofstraat is amsterdam’s most upscale and exclusive shopping street. Along three short blocks is every label and designer you desire: Chanel, Louis Vutton, DKNY, Mulberry, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfinger and more.

Bring a large amount of money with you!

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Doctor Service/Dentists

In case of illness, our guests can request a visit of a Doctor Service in their hotel room. Dr. Van Kernebeek  – 623-1348 or (06 547 81 055) – Central Doctor Service: 592-3434.

Dentist Emergency: 570-9595

Dental 365 – (020) 555-8282 – Piet Heinkade 215

To find the evening or weekend opening times for a pharmacy in your neighborhood, please check the following website.

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Walking group city tours

  • A 3 hours guided walking tour through Amsterdam, is this possible? The answer is yes! For more information:   www.gildeamsterdam.nl.
  • For various specialized tours trough the heart of Mokum: www.mokumevents.nl.
  • The following guided tours can be made for a very reasonable fee and are particular interesting for concierges who wish to get to know the city better. More.
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Trendy Restaurants

  • MoMo 671-7474, Hobbemastraat 1
  • Bo Cinq, 622-0682, Prinsengracht 494
  • Odeon 521-8555, Singel 460
  • Cinema Paradiso 623-7344, Westerstraat 186
  • Supper Club 344-6400, Jonge Roelensteeg 21
  • Envy 344-6407, Prinsengracht 381
  • Nomads 344-6401, Rozengracht 133
  • Morlang 625-2681, Keizersgracht 451
  • Little Buddha – 530-7121, City Theatre – Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 17
  • 5&33 – 820 5333, Martelaarsgracht, 5
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Oriental Kitchen

  • Dynasty 626-8400, Reguliersdwarstraat 30
  • Oriental City 626-8352, Oudezijds Voorburwal 177-179
  • Sichuan Food 626-9327, Reguliersdwarstraat 35
  • Chang-I 470-1700, Jan Willem Brouwerstraat, 7
  • Geisha 626-2410, Prins Hendrikkade 106A
  • Wok to Walk – This International Oriental Fast Food restaurant seems to take over the world very fast. Simple concept, but very fresh and tasty food to you liking!  Leidesestraat, 96.
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Dutch Cuisine

The nominees are:

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Sea Food Restaurants

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Michelin Stars Restaurants

The Michelin Guide awards restaurants between one and three stars, and they are coveted. Getting one, or one more, can create a legend; losing one can result in significant heartbreak.

  • Ciel Blue ** – 678 7450 – Ferdinand Bolstraat 333 – Okura Hotel
  • Yamazato * – 678 8351 – Ferdinand Bolstraat 333 – Okura Hotel
  • Vinkeles * – 530 2010 – Keizersgracht 384
  • Le Restaurant * – 379 2207 – Tweede Jan Steenstraat 3
  • De Bokkedoorns ** (20 km outside Amsterdam) – (023) 526 3600 – Zeeweg 53 Overveen
  • Aan de Poel – 345-1763 – Handweg 1 Amstelveen
  • Ron Blaauw – 496-1943 – Kerkstraat 56 – Ouderkerk a/d Amstel
  • Bord’ Eau – 531-1619 – De L’europe Hotel
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Baby Sitters

To ensure availability, we encourage hotel guests to make reservations 24-48 hours in advance, however, we are often able to fill last minute requests.


Rachel Pietersma – 06 50419771

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Amsterdam is ideal for cycling. With separate bike lanes and traffic lights it is the fastest, most fun and cheapest way to travel in and around the city. Alone, with friends, family or on a guided tour.  Our hotel also provides rental bicycles,  just book yours from the concierge.

In case you prefer to join a guided tour of the city, contact: MACBIKE, 620-0985, or YELLOWBIKE, 020-620-6940


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Royal Palace, The

  • The Royal Palace (620-4060) is open to the public most of the year and attracts about one hundred thousand visitors annually. It is open daily in summer, otherwise from Tuesday to Sunday.


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Indonesian Restaurants

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Classic Salon Boats

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Restaurants open for lunch

  • ANNA – Warmoesstraat 111,  428-1111
  • Brasserie Harkema 428-2222, Nes 67
  • Brasserie le Relais – 531-1777 – Nieuwe Doelenstraat 2-14 – Hotel De l’Europe
  • Bridges (op zaterdags geen lunch) 555-3560, The Grand, Oudezijds Voorburgwal 197
  • Café American 556-3000, Leidesekade 97
  • CAU – 623-9632, Damstraat 5
  • Dauphine 462-1646, Prins Bernhardplein 175
  • De Kas 462-4562, Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3
  • Envy (only fri, sat and sun 12~15) 344-6407, Prinsengracht 381
  • Keyzer Bodega 675-1866, Van Baerlestraat 96
  • La Rive and Brasserie, Amstel Hotel
  • MOMO 671-7474, Hobbemastraat 1
  • OPEN – 620-1010 – Westerdokplein 20
  • PC Café 616-8660, PC Hooftstraat 87
  • Quartier Zud 675-3990, Olympiaplein, 176
  • Sama Sebo 662-8146, PC Hooftstraat 27

Ook alle restaurants in de Warenhuizen !

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Japanese Restaurants

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Holland Countryside Tours

When visiting Amsterdam you should not miss the countryside!

Our concierge desk will arrange for the most interesting and comfortable tours to see the best of Holland.

The hotspots outside Amsterdam are: Volendam and Marken (fisherman village), Zaanse Schans (Windmills), Kroeller Mueller Museum (Van Gogh paintings and sculptures), Bulb fields (in spring), Alkmaar (cheese market – Fridays only during the summer months).






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Kinderkookkafé (Children kitchen café)

Stichting BSO Kinderkookkafé

The place where kids themselves under supervision walk in, for parties & courses and discover how learn in a cool way about food, how to cook and to serve! Assisted by volunteers and with professionals, they can also arrange for weddings, education and other events.

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Public open air swimmingpools

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Italian Restaurants

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French/Continental Restaurants

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Electrical (self service) boats

With an eye on the Green Key, I would like to recommend the following sites for renting an electrical boat. The concept is quite easy, just pay a deposit, show your Identity card and off you go! No sailing license required!

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Fun parks

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Best Ice Cream

  • Venetië, Scheldestraat, 68
  • Haagen Dasz, Rembrandtplein, 7
  • Ben & Jerry, Leidsestraat, 90
  • Montepelmo, Tweede Anjeliersdwarsstraat, 15
  • Van der Linden, Nieuwendijk, 183.
  • Ijscuypje – Now with 3 shops in Amsterdam, including Prinsengracht, 292

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Interesting Terraces

10 Interesting terraces apart outside the Amstel Hotel


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