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For centuries, powerful princes, eccentric aristocrats and fabulously wealthy citizens, looking their most beautiful in full regalia, had themselves painted by the world’s best artists. Preferably life-size, standing and ‘from head to toe’. In spring 2018, the Rijksmuseum will present … Continue reading

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Due to renewal work, from Monday 16 October 2017 all visitors must purchase an online ticket (with a time slot) in advance.

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Congratulations to the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum

The Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam are second and third place in a ranking of 18 of the world’s top cultural institutions compiled by researchers at Rotterdam’s Erasmus University. The Louvre in Paris topped the list. C … Continue reading

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The Gemeentemuseum is a modern palace of the arts. Step inside this enchanting building, wander through its beautiful daylit galleries and discover that special work of art that touches you personally. You might even leave a little in love. With … Continue reading

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Amsterdam by Rick Steves

Filled with history and happy-go-lucky, Amsterdam is a delight to explore. This uniquely entertaining city shows us Rembrandts and Van Goghs, more bikes than cars, flirting prostitutes, and pot-filled coffeeshops — all under tall, skinny facades leaning out below quaint … Continue reading

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Van Gogh keert terug | Van Gogh Museum

Bekijk hoe onze twee verloren liefdes terugkeerden. Momenteel worden de schilderijen gerestaureerd. Daarna keren ze definitief terug in de vaste collectie. Van Gogh Museum, het hele jaar geopend.

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Annually attracting more than 450,000 visitors, the Uitmarkt is one of the country’s most popular cultural events and the traditional opening of the cultural season. The festival features more than 450 performances by some 2,000 artists. From classical to kid-friendly, … Continue reading

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Marten & Oopjen

Early this year the two Rembrandt portraits were bought together by the Netherlands and France, a unique event. From 2 July to 2 October 2016 Marten & Oopjen will have a place of honour alongside The Night Watch. The paintings … Continue reading

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  Vanaf vrijdag 20 maart zijn de Rijksmuseumtuinen weer open!

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Rijksmuseum tijdelijk ‘s avonds open

Het Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam zal de komende maanden op vrijdagavond geopend zijn. Daarmee wil het museum mensen extra gelegenheid geven een bezoek te brengen aan de grote expositie Late Rembrandt. Met ruim honderd schilderijen, tekeningen en prenten biedt het Rijksmuseum … Continue reading

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Amsterdams grachtenpand brengt gasten in hogere, 19e eeuwse kerstsferen

Ervaar deze winter hoe het vermogende echtpaar Willet-Holthuysen in de 19de eeuw Kerstmis vierde. Vanaf 10 december tot en met 4 januari zijn in hun imposante grachtenpand aan de Herengracht 605, nu Museum Willet-Holthuysen, de eetkamer, balzaal en keuken teruggebracht … Continue reading

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Dining with the Tsars

The Hermitage Amsterdam’s fifth anniversary exhibition Dining with the Tsars. Eight magnificent porcelain and creamware services from the collection of the Hermitage in St Petersburg will be exhibited in a setting that conveys what the balls and banquets of the … Continue reading

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Van Gogh Museum discovers new painting by Vincent van Gogh: Sunset at Montmajour

The Van Gogh Museum has discovered a new painting by Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890): Sunset at Montmajour (1888).   Director Axel Rüger: “A discovery of this magnitude has never before occurred in the history of the Van Gogh Museum. It is already … Continue reading

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Rijksmuseum presents Rembrandt exhibition in 2015

From 12 February 2015 to 17 May 2015, the Rijksmuseum will be presenting the exhibition Rembrandt: The Final Years. For the first time in over twenty years, the Rijksmuseum will again be organising a Rembrandt exhibition, giving every generation the chance to … Continue reading

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Anne Frank House is in juli en augustus elke dag open van 9-22uur

Om de voorkomen dat lang voor de ingang moet worden gewacht, is het is beter om tickets on line te kopen! Dit kan tot drie maanden vooraf het bezoek worden gedaan!  

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The imposing Muiderslot gives you a taste of real Dutch history. It is part of the Defence Line of Amsterdam and included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Its location at the former Zuiderzee, in the water-rich environments of the river Vecht … Continue reading

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In the heart of the Amsterdam canal district lies Museum Van Loon, a magnificent private residence built in 1672 by the architect Adriaen Dortsman. The first resident was painter Ferdinand Bol, a pupil of Rembrandt. The interior of the house … Continue reading

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As Amsterdam celebrates 400 years of its canals, the Rembrandthuis is hosting a magnificent selection of views of Amsterdam, from the 17th century through the 20th century.    26 jan till 26 mai 2013.

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Het Mauritshuis is de komende jaren gesloten voor een grote renovatie!

The museum is going to undergo a renovation and is closed to visitors. From 28 April the Masterpieces from the Mauritshuis will be on temporary display in the Gemeentemuseum The Hague. Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring is on display in the Prince William … Continue reading

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Visit this website to explore some of the World’s most famous museums and zoom in to see incredible detail of over 1,000 art works.  You can even make your own virtual collection.

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Celebrating the Golden Age This winter it is party time in the Frans Hals Museum. Celebrating in the Golden Age showcases a highly popular subject in seventeenth-century art. Painters like Jan Steen and Frans Hals portrayed countless merry-making folk and … Continue reading

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Located 15 minutes walking from de Amstel Hotel on the Rembrandtplein.  Open on September, 24th.  De Ajax Experience.

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Na een renovatie van vier jaar is Het Scheepvaartmuseum bijna klaar voor een nieuwe toekomst. Op 2 oktober gaat het museum weer open. Iedereen kan dan beleven hoe onze maritieme geschiedenis onze cultuur en identiteit heeft bepaald.

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The  OP  ART  Museum aspires to be a low-profile forum for optical phenomena in art, drawings, photography and new media. Additional, temporary exhibitions will be featured on individual artists and exhibitions  on a particular theme from the wide range of … Continue reading

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Three reproductions of The Thinker by French artist Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) are on display at the museum Singer in Laren, The Netherlands, 28 January 2011. The museum exhibited on 28 January 2011 for the first time the restored statue The … Continue reading

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Amsterdam Historisch Museum changes the name

As from January 1st 2011, the Amsterdams Historisch Museum will be called: AMSTERDAM MUSEUM.

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New Museum in Amsterdam: Canal Museum

As from april 1st 2011, Amsterdam will open a new Museum called the Canal Museum. This Museum will explain everything about the history and the construction of the canals! Het Grachtenmuseum, Herengracht 386 in Amsterdam.

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Anne Frank House

You can book tickets online for Anne Frank House  with 2 months in advance. Phone number for groups reservation: 556-7139

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Opening times voor NEMO

Science center NEMO will in August be open every day from 10-17 hours and on fridays it will also be open until 21.00 hours. From september onwards it will be closed on mondays and back to regular hours.

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