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“My recent holiday in June 2010 to Georgia was one of the best for a long time. We stayed with friends deep in the countryside, near the town Zestafoni. In order to reach the small village, one has to travel over a 10 km country lane which surface resembles a moon landscape. The Georgian people are well known for their hospitality, but this exceeded all my expectations. We were treated like Royalties! Most houses in the village are self-supporting little farms where practically nothing needs to be bought. The water comes from the well, fruit from the trees, vegetables from the ground, fresh laid eggs, milk from the cow and so on. Every day we ate khachapuri, which is a thin round freshly baked bread with a layer of home made young cheese inside. One of the highlights was the dinner with suckling  pig and a delicious crispy skin as main course was baked in the oven of local baker (just a little sad to have seen it running around the garden in the morning). Also the daily consumption of home made wine and Eau de Vie’s which was often even drunk with breakfast (imagine! and I am not even a drinker). Early in the morning we walked to the local river and swam in its crystal clear water to the sound of crowing cockerels. This will stay in my memory for a long time as will the kind hospitality of our friends there. I look forward to my next holiday in beautiful Georgia.!”

Aad van den Berg.




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  1. Aad says:

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  2. Eef Sparla says:

    Weekend Paris les Clefs d’Or

    Once a year the Dutch section of les Clefs d’Or organizes a weekend for it’s members and spouses.
    Every month we have a gathering of concierges and suppliers, so during this weekend we share some quality time as concierges among each other.
    Last November we left Amsterdam by bus heading to Paris. Very important part of the weekend is exploring the parts of Europe Amsterdam hotel guest usually explore after visiting Amsterdam. After a seven hour trip we arrived in Paris.
    After checking in to the Courtyard by Marriot La Defense we had 30 minutes to fresh and suit up. Back into the bus and on the way to the world famous LIDO at the Champs elysees. We had a VIP box, so no waiting in the cold but straight to the waiting area. After the early show finished we were invited to our table directly next to the stage. The show called le Bonheur was great. What an experience. The stage settings were changed continuously. Some Champagne on the side, a great start to a magical weekend at Paris.
    The next morning after a good night sleep breakfast and back into the bus for a guided tour of the city. A lot of the highlights of Paris were featured like the, Arc the Triomphe, Arc nouveau, Eiffel tower, Hotel de Ville, le Louvre and of course the Notre Dam. After the tour some free time in Paris, so along with some colleagues into St Michel area for a typical French lunch. After a table full of Foie Gras, French cheeses and of course a good bottle of wine we went out for a walk. After a visit to place de la Republique, Hotel de Ville and the Place de la Concorde we visited the Christmas Market at the Champs elysees and some of the overdone shops. Paris is a crazy city. On the Champs elysees one of the largest and widest shopping streets of Europe it was not possible to walk at a normal tempo. However walking is the way to feel the groove of this wonderful city.
    After being picked up by the bus we went back to the hotel to dress up for our evening dinner. Our guest of honor was the President of the French Clefs d’Or Mr.Lionel Laurent. He surprised us by bringing a large bottle of great Armagnac. The dinner was intimate and good. Mr.Laurent was thanked by one of the members of our comité des sages Mr Ben Wahlte for his assistance in making the arrangements for this weekend.
    After dinner we went with a small group into town again for some drinks. Here is one thing Amsterdam has more to offer. Although it may sound a bit strange, nobody could really tell us which area to go to for nightlife. In Amsterdam you will find the nightlife concentrated in the city centre. Paris is much bigger so you do have to know where to go to. We ended up in some shaggy bars with beers at 9 Euro. However we did have a lot of fun with the small group of youngsters (average age of 33+).
    The next morning after a short night on our way back to Amsterdam. A stop in Antwerp for lunch at Appelmans. What a great place, absolutely a recommendation for lunch or dinner in Antwerp. We had a wonderful weekend and for those who have never been to Paris…. Go!!!

    • Aad says:

      Dear Eef, Sounds like you had a great weekend with all the members and partners! Unfortunately I couldn’t be there but next year I will make an effort to join you as well! Thanks for the posting!

      Kind regards, Aad..

  3. Ferrie says:

    Hai Aad
    message from Ferrie

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