Taxi’s, limo service, bus tours and bike-taxi’s.

Important links concerning transportation in Amsterdam:

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Working as Porter at the Intercontinental Amstel Amsterdam and photographer.
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  1. Aad says:

    Sadly it still happens very often that arriving guests from the train station or airport are being charged a double or even triple fare of what they should be paying. Guests who are in doubt should always ask for a receipt and take a note of the vehicle’s registration in order to make a formal complaint!

  2. Aad says:

    Public transport site which enables you to obtain very detailed information in Dutch and in English from door to door;

  3. Marcos Kosma says:

    Aad, thanks for this information. It’s handy to use.

  4. Aad says:

    MTA taxi’s have now grown into a strong competitor of TCA as they only supply quality cars for the official taxi fee. Tel 0626068999. Website;

  5. Koen says:

    You can also add for when you want to get out of Amsterdam or for the train. Important to make a deal or some kind of agreement before you get in a taxi.

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