The ‘Jewish Amsterdam Tour’ is operated by Naomi Koopmans, a Dutch/Israeli Jewish woman who was born and bred in the Netherlands. Naomi obtained her B.A. degree in General History and her M.A. degree in Religious Sciences at Tel Aviv University and has been active as a licensed tour guide since 1998 in Israel, Italy (Rome) and the Netherlands (Amsterdam). Her drive to set up this tour is grounded both in her personal background as in her professional course. ‘’Revealing the history of the Amsterdam Jewry is more than a job to me. It is part of my identity,’’ says Naomi Koopmans. During the tour, Naomi brings the Jewish history and present of Amsterdam to life.


About Marcos Kosma

Working as Porter at the Intercontinental Amstel Amsterdam and photographer.
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  1. Willy says:

    If I ever go back to the Netherlands I need to take extra time out to see all the beautiful sights
    and places of Amsterdam! I had no idea there was so much to see and do,it is really amazing!
    Whenever I was in Holland I was always told not to visit Amsterdam,because it was too dangerous!
    Well now I know better, and with Aad living and working in the city I will feel really safe!!
    Best regards, Willy

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