French/Continental Restaurants

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  1. Aad says:

    As from november 1st, Palazzo will be in town agian for the next 4 months with a spectacular dinner show. The kitchen will be orchestrated by TV chef; Herman den Blijker. The venue will be on the Arena Bloulevard 61-75 in Amsterdam. Reservations can be made via 09007252996 or via the following website;

  2. Restaurant Altman, Amsteldijk 25 in Amsterdam is under new management and as a result will be closed until medio january 2011;

  3. Gerry Mekes says:

    We are restaurant OPEN,

    I think adress , open 13, should be, pont 13, in your list.
    Thank You
    Gerry Mekes

  4. KO says:

    Goede verhalen gehoord over Bistro Neuf aan de Haarlemmerstraat 9! Spontane vrolijke bediening, kleine kaart maar goed eten met een mooie wijnkaart en alle wijnen per glas te bestellen! Meer info, zie website:

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