Doctor Service/Dentists

In case of illness, our guests can request a visit of a Doctor Service in their hotel room. Dr. Van Kernebeek  – 623-1348 or (06 547 81 055) – Central Doctor Service: 592-3434.

Dentist Emergency: 570-9595

Dental 365 – (020) 555-8282 – Piet Heinkade 215

To find the evening or weekend opening times for a pharmacy in your neighborhood, please check the following website.

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2 Responses to Doctor Service/Dentists

  1. Aad says:

    Dr.Van Kernebeek is van 2 t/m zondag 24 oktober op vakantie! Zijn parktijk is wel gewoon open met een vervangende huisarts. Buiten de praktijkuren kan de doktersdienst worden gebeld op 020-5923339.

  2. Aad says:

    Algemene Amsterdamse Particuliere Tandverzorging (AAPT) conveniently located on the Weesperzijde # 8. Tel.020-6656339 (closed on friday & the weekend)

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