New Year’s Eve parties & events in Amsterdam

Celebrating the new year brings a fresh start full of opportunity, new leaves and blank slates. How will you celebrate? Amsterdam’s list of parties is as long as the Prinsengracht. Our guide to the best parties covers the mass-scale dance parties, costume shindigs, free-for-all family fun and quirky theme parties. See the complete program on Iamsterdam


About Marcos Kosma

Working as Porter at the Intercontinental Amstel Amsterdam and photographer.
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One Response to New Year’s Eve parties & events in Amsterdam

  1. Wilhelmina {Willy] Blom says:

    Happy New Year Marcos,
    Wow, there’s no end to all the choices of the different parties! It must be so much fun to celebrate
    New Year’s Eve in that GREAT City, called “AMSTERDAM” .
    Those “Olie bollen ” in the picture look so good and delicious, I wish I could have some.
    Warm regards,

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