EENMAAL – People dining alone

This month sees the opening of Eenmaal, a temporary restaurant in Amsterdam that claims to be the world’s first restaurant catering purely to solo diners. No couples, no families, no groups of chattering friends allowed. Sleek, Ikea-style black desks/tables are dotted around the studiously sparse, industrial-chic space. There’s a fixed €35 (£29) four-course menu including cocktails and wine – at Eenmaal, it definitely pays to be on your tod. Marina Van Goor, its creator, has plans to bring the pop-up to London, Paris and other European cities. “I wanted to break the perception that eating out alone isn’t very attractive,” she explains. “Solitary dining can actually be an inspiring experience, because you get a chance to disconnect for a while in our hyper-connected world.” Read more.

Bos en lommerweg 361 – 0646355064


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    Good idea Marcos,
    Dining “EENMAAL” is perfectly alright in my book. I have no problem with eating out alone.
    There are many people that do not always have a date to have dinner with. So, for all of us
    that like to go out “EENMAAL”, just do it and don’t be shy about it! We live in a world were we
    can be our self, and not worry what other people may think. It’s helpful to bring some reading
    material, that way we can be more comfortable with our self. Believe me, I have the experience,
    and have enjoyed many delicious meals by my self. And for all the readers I’ll say,try it you’ll
    like it! Best regards, ~Willy~

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