Amsterdam by Rick Steves

Filled with history and happy-go-lucky, Amsterdam is a delight to explore. This uniquely entertaining city shows us Rembrandts and Van Goghs, more bikes than cars, flirting prostitutes, and pot-filled coffeeshops — all under tall, skinny facades leaning out below quaint church towers. (by Rick Steves).

About Marcos Kosma

Working as Porter at the Intercontinental Amstel Amsterdam and photographer.
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One Response to Amsterdam by Rick Steves

  1. Wilhelmina B. Blom says:

    Hi Marcos,what a nice surprise,and coincidence about ‘Rick Steves’. I watch Rick’s travels on my
    PBS station any time I get a chance. Have you met Rick in person,did he visit the ‘Amstel Hotel’?
    Friends of mine traveled with Rick thru Europe,they(my friends)really enjoyed his knowledge,and
    easy going personality. I hope Rick will travel for many more years to come!
    I also enjoy all the info.and videos about beautiful,and “gezellig” Amsterdam,etc.etc. Thanks!

    Last year in the Fall, I visited Mokum, and other places.Thanks to my wonderful cousin Aad,
    I got to see Amsterdam,like I never saw before. Hartelijke groet, ~Willy~

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